Shows your currently playing track in your livestream

Works With

  • pioneer-dj
  • rekorbox
  • traktor

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Finally an elegant, easy & tweakable track ID solution for Traktor! Highly recommended!
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This app is brilliant that clearly created from a DJ perspective. Immediately useable and easy and adds MASSIVE value to the stream.
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I'm frequently asked: 'What is this tune?'. This amazing tool of Triode takes that away, because you inform your viewers and listeners all the track information you need. Essential for all streamers!
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Triode has provided the perfect solution for The Morning Show & Pure Trance Radio with ‘Now Playing’ - it’s truly a gift!
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So easy to use and my viewers really appreciated being able to see what song was playing. It made my stream look more professional.



  • (NEW) Added Apple code signing.
  • (FIXED) When using Traktor the overlay refreshes itself too often.
  • (FIXED) When using Beatport with Tidal the remix names show up twice.


  • (FIXED, AGAIN) Display the full track names when using Beatport Link.


  • (NEW) Added Serato DJ support.
  • (NEW) Added the ability to change where tracklist files go.
  • (FIXED) Display the full track names when using Beatport Link.
  • (FIXED) Fixed issues when using ProDJ-Link on a separate subnet.
  • (FIXED) Added support for using older CDJ models without on-air support.
  • (CHANGED) Moved theme files to your home directory for easier modification.


Thanks to all the beta testers who kindly helped work out all the little bugs in the last several months!

  • Added ASOT1000 theme
  • Added Solarstone theme

  • Will it work with Denon CDJs?

    Not yet. I'd like to but I don't own Denon equipment to test or write code to test with.

  • I stream from a separate computer than the one with my DJ software. Will it work?

    Yes. Instructions on how to set it up is in the manual.

  • Will it work with OBS Studio / Streamlabs OBS?

    Yes. It works the same for any streaming software.

  • Will it work with my DJ controller?

    Yes. If your controller is compatible with RekordBox or Traktor then it should work.
    For example: DDJ-FLX6, DDJ-1000, DDJ-800, DDJ-400, DDJ-200, DDJ-RZX, DDJ-RZ, Traktor Kontrol S2, S3, S4, S8, Z2, Z1.

  • Will it work with my Pioneer CDJs?

    Yes. It works with any Pro-DJ Link capable Pioneer hardware. If you're not sure, go to the Pioneer website, find your model, then go to specifications, and look for Pro DJ Link. If you see it, then it's compatible. For example: CDJ-3000, CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000MK2, XDJ-700

  • Will it work with XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RX?

    Yes. But you must use it with Rekordbox 6. Because of the weird way the hardware is designed ( it doesn't have proper Pro-DJ Link) Now Playing does NOT work with the RX/RX2 in standalone operation (Meaning if your music is on a USB stick, it won't work).

  • Can I hide unreleased tracks?

    Yes. Adding "[ID]" to the title of the track will hide it from the livestream.

  • RekordBox / Traktor takes a long time to update. Can you make it faster?

    No. This is limitation with Rekordbox (about 60 seconds) and Traktor (about 30 seconds). Now Playing reads the Rekordbox DB and uses the Shoutcast protocol for Traktor. Pioneer Pro-DJ Link doesn't have this limitation.

  • Can I customize the overlay?

    Yes. There are two ways: editing the CSS in OBS or SLOBs or using HTML to make your own theme. Instructions are in the manual.

  • I have notes in my track names. Will they show up on video?

    No. Any tags in square brackets will be hidden. Example: "Transatlantic (Original Mix) [3A - 138]", The [3A - 138] part will be removed.